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ITEL offers on-site network-maintenance services for all types of communications networks for telecom operators, equipment vendors and enterprise customers. Our network-maintenance professionals understand how to deal with multi-vendor, open-system environments and work according to structured processes and procedures to ensure efficient network-maintenance and fault-management services.

ITEL manages all aspects of network management to keep operations at peak efficiency, without the overhead associated with a fixed staff. Our services include operation and maintenance, network optimization, and competitive benchmarking.

ITEL collects and processes performance data, recommending and implementing changes that result in the maximum level of network performance.

Our project management approach combines scheduling and planning, resource allocation, quality and cost monitoring tasks, and reporting to successful project implementation. Our broad experience in project management affords our clients and us the capability to optimize project timelines, resources, and communications.



  • Establishing project standards, guidelines and schedules

  • Human resource management

  • Equipment purchase and installation tasks

  • Schedule, milestone and requirements tracking

  • Cost management

  • Quality management

  • Project reporting and lead client interaction


  • RF Engineering

  • Preliminary RF Design through model tuning and CW drive testing

  • Capacity planning, coverage design to include “hot-spots” and in-building coverage

  • Final RF Design with PN/frequency planning

  • Site development support including MPE compliance, intermodulation analysis, and zoning expert testimony

  • RF site integration through single site functionality testing (Shakedown/Sector testing)

  • RF optimization through cluster testing and system (ATP) testing

  • RF site and RF database audits

  • Identification of in-building coverage/capacity requirements

  • Evaluating and revising frequency plan to enhance performance and system capacity

  • Drive testing, data collection and analysis for on-going RF optimization


  • Continuously monitoring network performance

  • Periodically testing network elements

  • Tuning the network for optimal performance

  • Identifying elements that need to be upgraded or replaced

  • Providing high level reports to management

  • Performing functional and system drive testing, data analysis and interference control

  • Test plan development

  • Frequency plan revisions

  • Equipment capacity expansion analysis

  • Interference control

  • Acceptance testing and hand-over analysis

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